ArchiveOctober 2021

Have I recovered already?


Well over a hundred family and friends from all over the globe have sent me their love, well wishes, and prayers as I shared bits of my situation on my personal FB profile over the last two days. I am beyond grateful for each and every heartfelt word of sympathy and empathy and care. As Bette Midler’s song goes, each of you are the wind beneath my wings. Yet I want to clarify my thoughts on...

It’ll be liberating


“It’ll be liberating,” he said. “Ummm… what will be liberating?” I asked, stifling my urge to laugh out loud. Quite the melodramatic words, I thought. “Well, some patients find out that their worst fears were baseless, that the treatments aren’t as bad as they anticipated. And that liberates them.” I assume my medical oncologist meant liberates them from their fears. This snippet was part...

So much is about trust


My honey just cut my hair. Again. Ever since the lockdown was first declared in March of 2020, I have seldom ventured outside the gated community we live in. And within our subdivision, only to walk for half an hour up, down, and around the seven streets, late at night, when most people have already turned out their lights for the night. And so, every few months, my honey cuts my curls. It’s...

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