ArchiveJune 2022

Language peeve


What to do when I don’t feel much inspired to write? Why, go on a bit of a rant instead! LOL. So, this may end up a very short post, because my rants typically dissipate quickly. Not being over-attached to the topic helps. What got me into rant-mode just now was reading this sentence: “The question is more a case of whether you choose to utilise that power or not.” Blach! He who does not love his...

My comfort rut


Is there anyone who hasn’t heard it said: personal growth happens outside your comfort zone? I subscribe to that notion. It means, in a nutshell, so long as we stay with the existing state of affairs, we’re not learning, not moving forward, or not meeting the challenges life inevitably throws at us. And now I’ve found myself in a comfort rut. What is a rut? An uninspired routine...

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