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Navigating life’s ups and downs


Good news, bad news, bad news, good news, good, bad, good… And so on and on it goes. Life is a continuous series of hopes and disappointments. Ups and downs. It’s been especially so for me these past weeks. And there’s little to do but to stay in flow. Take last week, for example. My honey discovered that a few of his external hard disks with data he’d prefer to salvage had irreparable bad...

The MRI machine and more


In the midst of my third diagnostic test prescribed by my new ocular oncologist, I felt full of eager anticipation for uncovering the mysteries of my left eye. A mere two weeks ago, she set the course for a series of tests aimed at revealing any potential spread of cancer in my body.   Today it was for an MRI to check my liver, one of the key sites for metastases. It turned out to be another...

Embracing reality: The power of acceptance in tough times


Acceptance is not resignation. That’s a phrase that’s curiously popped up for me from a few different sources this past week–on a Facebook meme, in a guided meditation, in an email newsletter. I’d say it’s synchronicity in action. And I reflect on what that might mean in my uncomfortable situation of not yet knowing what exactly is the nature of the tumor in my eye and how...

My eye has atypical features


Today, I returned to the eye clinic, and the outcome of all the tests done so far is to do more tests. Getting to that outcome was an interesting process for me. I arrived at the clinic at the appointed time, 9:15. Within half an hour, I was called in, but not to see the esteemed ocular oncologist I had expected to see. I was first interviewed and examined by a young intern from Australia. After...

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