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On beauty


Does beauty offer refuge from all the upsetting news we hear daily? From our own pains and sorrows? The Aphrodite, goddess of beauty, in me says: yes. It certainly does for me. Last week, I presented in an online event my experience how beauty I find every day all around me brings enchantment to my soul and healing to my body. I was delighted that the audience joyfully received my sharing. Let me...

I am done


It’s the fifth time I’m bucking the advice of my oncologist. I’ve already shared in this online journal about the time when I questioned the dosage of herceptin, when I insisted to remove Benadryl from the pre-infusion list of drugs, when I had to push to have him agree to my getting a portal catheter inserted, and when I freaked at the cost of the hormonal therapy he prescribed. Now I’ve decided...

I’m grieving


Tonight, I grieve for the Philippines. Over 80% of voting adults went to the polls to elect their next government “servants” today, from top down to members of city councils—president, vice-president, senators, and a ridiculous amount more. The stakes for national positions were high. While there were ten candidates vying for each of the top two positions (president and vice-president are voted...

My attentions


Today I turned 67. That number says neither old nor young to me. But I can say emphatically that my mind feels a lot younger than my disappointing body. I write that smiling broadly. As I was musing about this latest turn around the sun, I thought to do an inventory of the key areas that get my attention. Why do this? I believe we live in an attention economy. As social beings, we pay attention...

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