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We’re in a liminal space


As long as men have walked the face of this earth, wars have come and gone. None have been kind, just, or even acceptable, when you believe in peace, as I do. But not all wars have the same global impact. I see the unprovoked invasion of the democratic nation of Ukraine as the beginning of a war that may alter humanity forever, much like the two World Wars and 9/11 did. I say may, because this is...

I want to know


I’ve not been writing about my experience with radiation sessions because not much of interest was coming up for me, in body sensations or in feelings. Aside from an itchy raw rash that popped up on my chest and a bit of extra fatigue, the procedure seemed rather benign. Until this past Friday. In my second to last session, 15th of 16 in total, the radiation machine, called a linear...

We argue


My honey and I adore each other. Our love runs deep and our love languages are in total sync. Yet we argue. We argue a lot, like the proverbial cat and dog (pardon the metaphor; I know plenty of cats and dogs play nice). We argue almost daily, now for over three decades. Whatever you do in life, surround yourself with smart people who’ll argue with you. John Wooden By the way, with my honey...

As time goes by


The days are blurring together for me… and I now realize it’s been over a week since this lunar new year started… and my last post. The thing is, the new year started just a few days after my near-daily radiation therapy treatments. Today was session 9 of a total of 16. Passed the halfway mark; another small win! Happiness is all about celebrating small winsAbdul Jawad Khattak In an effort to...

Happy lunar new year


Today is the first day of the year. On the lunar calendar, of course. I didn’t learn about this calendar and how hugely the new year is still celebrated in parts of the world until after I arrived in China in the 1980s. And ever since then, I’ve appreciated the chance to start the year all over again! Hehe… So, Happy Lunar New Year! Often called the Chinese New Year, I prefer to be more...

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