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A glimpse of hope


I made an astounding observation today. And it calls for another happy dance! From the beginning of my eye saga, now over a year ago, every ophthalmologist who reviewed any of the four sonograms of my left eye told me there was liquid flowing close to my optic nerve, and that this liquid was causing the dark grey cloud obstructing most (85+%) of my vision. And each of them advised me to brace...

Embrace life’s unexpected turns


On the day I was discharged from the hospital (ten days ago), I got news I had not expected. And it was not pleasant. The morning after the insertion of the radioactive plaque was uneventful. I woke up without pain. The nurse on duty dropped the various eye drops into my left eye and then served me a boring, tasteless breakfast. I felt hungry enough to eat most of it. My ocular oncologist’s...

Radiating my eye tumor


TL;DR for family and friends:Last Thursday I underwent the procedure to insert a radioactive plaque in my left eye. The day was filled with a mix of emotions, a bit of confusion navigating the hospital, and lots of interaction with caring medical staff. Despite a few hiccups like getting lost and dealing with the hospital’s admissions process, the overall experience was positive, thanks to...

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