ArchiveMarch 2022

What radiation was like


As I sat down to review and record my thoughts and feelings about my anti-cancer program, I came to realize that I’ve not shared much of anything about the radiation treatment process itself. I want to journal that because I’m pretty sure now that it’s all over, I’ll soon forget. Perhaps much like (some) mothers “forget” the intensity of their labor pains over time after giving birth (and no, I’m...

Body thoughts


Watching my body age in real time is humbling. But maybe it doesn’t matter. Like most people, I have body parts that I don’t particularly like. My head and hands are too small. My arms and legs are too big. You know, that kind of thing. I’d be surprised if you can’t relate, as most humans struggle more or less with some kind of negative body image issue. Either it’s how we mentally “see” our body...

A pivotal moment


I am transfixed with what is happening in Eastern Europe, specifically in Ukraine. And it gives me more than a bit of jitters. As I wrote almost two weeks ago, no war is tolerable. Yet the outcome of this one in Ukraine will affect us all. Global geopolitics being what it presently is, with the west-led order (read: democracy) in decline and autocracy on the rise, depending on how and when this...

Finding a bit of control


In our home, we’ve been without access to internet for well over 24 hours as I write this. There are two things top of mind for me right now; the situation in Ukraine and the situation with my body. In both cases, I feel unsettled not knowing what is going on and what is going to happen next. And in both cases, a large part of me is inclined to feel out of control, like a disconsolate bystander...

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