ArchiveMarch 2023

Good news: No cancer


I have good news to share with you, dear friend and reader. But I am struggling with how to draft it as an entry that makes your time reading it not wasted with useless drivel. So, in case you want to skip the read, let me start by blurting out the news: there’s “probably” no cancer in my eye. And that news alone is worth celebrating! Do a happy dance with me! The rest below are mundane details...

Letting Go with Intention


Today I offer my initial reflections on our navigating a major life change and embracing the complexity of emotions this entails. My journey through liminal space continues. The pace of our transitioning between continents is that of a snail. And for the time being, that still feels mostly okay, even as the days on the calendar whizz by, as they have been for many months, even years, now. Our...

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