Floating in air

Floating, floating, floating….

Have you ever sensed yourself gently floating in air…?

Maybe quietly drifting over a pleasing landscape…?

I’m not one for remembering my dreams. But I am familiar with this sense of lightness and contentment, of willing myself to hover gently over the earth, weightless, not bound to the ground below, by gravity.

It’s a recurring theme that comes up in my sleep. Not often, that I can recollect, but enough times for me to recognize it and bring forth the feeling.

I usually leave the ground with a simple jump, as if from a trampoline, ever so lightly, with just a slight tap of my foot. I drift up, much like a balloon, then feel myself float freely, and when I begin to descend towards the ground, I will myself, fluttering my arms as if they were wings, to drift back up. It’s s delicious feeling.

This came to mind not because I recently had this dream, but because a FB post led me to this remarkable 2-minute Burberry ad. [Do yourself a favor, go look now; it brings joy to watch. I’m not a fan of advertising, but the marketing here is subtle enough.]

What I had not taken the time to do before is inquire into the possible meaning of this floating dream.

In each of us is another whom we do not know. He speaks to us in dreams and tells us how differently he sees us from the way we see ourselves.

Carl Jung

So now I thought I’d have a quick peek to see if I could find out what this recurring dream might be about. Apparently, it’s quite common.

One general interpretation I read a few times was that floating in air points to a new beginning. That’s possible, although not having recorded my dreams, I can’t say when I had them. I’ve surely experienced plenty of new starts (see my recent post on doors).

One site on dream interpretations stated (I cannot speak to the veracity of the site’s content, but similar views were offered on a number of other sites):

Dreams about floating can be a symbol of independence, acceptance, satisfaction, and happiness. This type of dream could also indicate your ability to improve your life situations, overcome challenges, a sign of calmness and peace in your life, and lots more.


I do recall that the floating sensation is totally pleasurable. I normally feel light, at peace, contented. 

In my floating dreams, I also feel a healthy measure of control (in distinct contrast to some other recurring dreams I’ve had where lack of control was definitely the main theme!).

Still, other dream interpreters have suggested that the floating represents a desire to break free from life’s pressures. Or letting go of a burden of some kind.

And that takes us to what most dream analysts say: they can help us in the process of coming to understand our dreams, yet dreams are fundamentally personal. It’s our life circumstances, our level of self-knowledge or self-realization, and our own interpretations that will lead us to understand the conscious or subconscious symbolic meaning and relevance of our dreams.

The dream arises from a part of the mind unknown to us, but none the less important, and is concerned with the desires for the approaching day.

Carl Jung

I can only hope that I will soon again experience the joy and contentment of the freedom I feel when having a floating dream.

Have you had floating or flying dreams? What do you think they represent to you?


  • I find your posts uplifting! I had those dreams as a kid, often. I live on a very steep hill and would picture standing in the middle of the road/street and leaning down the hill to launch into flight…but it was the feeling of flight not the scenes I could see or experience…it was just so good to feel so light. I’ve not had one in recent or adult memory…but lots in my life is that light. I’m blessed!

    Marvellous blog. I hope many many people find it!

    • I take it that first line was not an intentional play on words, Joan… 😉 but hey, yes, thank you! Let’s get that feeling of lightness back in our dreams to reflect the light and lightness in our lives. Thanks for the support, too. 🌸🙏🌸

  • Interesting. Enjoy your floating dreams!

    The Burberry add is cool although I don’t like the clothes they are wearing in it:-p

    My dreams are more of the crazy kind. I should write them down as by morning most of them are forgotten. Since I want to fall back asleep as soon as I can I am not sure writing them down it is such a good idea. Maybe I should leave my dreams in peace and let my brain have some fun without looking at their meanings.

    As of the floating it doesn’t happen in dreams but more when I am practicing Sophrology/meditation . Like I am leaving my body and floating above my body. It is not like my mind or I are going anywhere or that I do anything. The first time it happened I found it a bit creepy… then I got used to it. But it doesn’t happen that often. I guess I need to be totally relaxed to achieve this. Weird.

    I don’t look too much at the hidden meaning of all this. I assume my mind needs some fun too.

    • The last thing I was watching was their clothes, Sidney. Haha! I did notice the woman wearing sunglasses… in the dark… ugh (a personal pet peeve). 😉

      Your out-of-body experiences sound interesting. I’ve had an ability to virtually “stand outside” the scene and view myself or the activities going on in my dream. I can even do that when I’m just thinking about something or visualizing. But this sensation is different, somehow, from the floating dream.

      So much can be written about dreams! Just ask Carl Jung. I’m sure I’ll delve into more later, even if I don’t focus on my dreams much either. I like your last line.

      Thanks again… 💮🙏💮

  • I regularly float in my dreams. It’s a luscious feeling of contentment and comfort. It usually happens early in the morning before it’s time to think about the day ahead. I treasure these dreams but ascribe no further meaning to them. I have occasionally had a similar experience through meditation but it doesn’t have the impact that the floating dream does.

    I wonder, after watching that Burberry ad, a new seed has been planted and maybe I’ll graduate to flying dreams… What a wonderful thought!

    • Ah, a contented woman! Yes, Amanda, graduating to flying like in the ad would really be a kick… superwoman! Here we come! 🧚‍♀️ 💮🙏💮

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