Is It Coincidence?


Life keeps me on my toes. For instance, I stay alert to observe instances of coincidence. And lately there’s a whole batch of them! Synchronicity is a concept the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung first introduced in 1932. His 1952 essay was titled Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle. As he defined it, synchronicity is more than simple coincidence. Synchronicity is the coming together of...

When I grow up


It’s interesting—and fun—how the universe conspires to inspire. Over the past two weeks, I’ve been given signals to write a bit more about my lifelong inability to settle down and choose what I want to be when I grow up. I admire people who seem to have their purpose and destiny carved in their DNA. You know, the person who knows deep in their soul at the age of 15 that they are meant to become a...

Disrupting my peace


This past week, I met mumbles, stumbles, and rumbles to disrupt my otherwise peaceful life. I reflect on what these minor events and my low energy may mean to me. Mumbles The first event that had me scratching my head is similar to something most people can relate to: walking into the kitchen and forgetting why you went there. I’ve done that plenty of times, and not only during the pandemic years...



Oh, for crying out loud: corona found me! I tested positive last week. And this after almost two and a half years of isolating at home, with the few exceptions including those lab and hospital visits for my anti-cancer program that are now over three months behind me. Fortunately, I had already nourished my body by being fully vaccinated, eating healthy foods, and getting plenty of sleep. So now...

Use it or lose it


Yesterday I experienced another funny instance of the idiom use it or lose it. In the early evening, as I approached the restaurant we were to meet friends, one of my newest pair of shoes (bought 2019) completely fell apart. The bottom rubber sole broke in two, the upper straps ripped away from the sole, and the inner sole fell out. There was no wearing it. My broken sandal (smudged over brand...

Making me wait


It should have been a day for celebration. The end of my anti-cancer program. Instead, I was driven to distraction by what I consider astonishing ineptitude at the Make-U-Wait Hospital. An event that should have taken less than two hours took me over 5½ hours. The procedure itself took only one hour. I am sharing my experience in case someone else has gone through a similar frustrating event; it...

Language peeve


What to do when I don’t feel much inspired to write? Why, go on a bit of a rant instead! LOL. So, this may end up a very short post, because my rants typically dissipate quickly. Not being over-attached to the topic helps. What got me into rant-mode just now was reading this sentence: “The question is more a case of whether you choose to utilise that power or not.” Blach! He who does not love his...

My comfort rut


Is there anyone who hasn’t heard it said: personal growth happens outside your comfort zone? I subscribe to that notion. It means, in a nutshell, so long as we stay with the existing state of affairs, we’re not learning, not moving forward, or not meeting the challenges life inevitably throws at us. And now I’ve found myself in a comfort rut. What is a rut? An uninspired routine...

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